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Hi Babes, 


Welcome to SKIN: An Online Scrap Book Gallery. 


In 2018 I had a tattoo as part of my research, the tattoo is to represent reclaiming the word CHAV but also to acknowledge the intergenerational connection of four working class women: Amber, Me, Mum and Nan. 


The tattoo is made up of four elements: the word CHAV which represents my research, a thistle for my mum Anne Green, lavender for my nana Monica Gallagher, and all the elements are brought together in the star sign constellation of Aquarius, which is my daughter Amber’s star sign. 


You are at the C and this is a brief intro page. 


Go to the H to watch me (anxiously) getting the tattoo and having a chat about it.


Go to the A to explore some of my notes, thoughts and reflections of the project. 


Go to the V to hear me having a chat about the project now. 


Go to the thistle for a chat with me mum.


Go to the lavender to have a read of some memories of my little nana. 


Go to the stars to hear chats about CHAV’s and SLAG’s with my daughter Amber. 


I hope you enjoy it, or at least find it a bit interesting.


Kelly G 


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